Tuesday, January 22, 2013

100 Favorite Things

From my post a few weeks ago about finding your visual voice, I suggested a strategy to make your work more personal by making a big list of things you like to draw. 100 things to be exact.

I've had a lot of response about how helpful this idea has been, so I introduced the exercise to my seniors. With their permission I'm posting some their lists, they are both hysterical and prophetic. It is easy to see how a person's visual interests line up with what kinds of ideas they are drawn to, literally, in their work. Having this list in your studio is a way to remind you to connect your point of view conceptually to an object you enjoy creating.

Take a look and enjoy these lists from Maya Tatsukawa, Cord Luhrman, Ariella Elovic, Gretchen Oldelm, Chris Hohl, Miki Bird and Susie Kim.


Mike Howdon said...

This is such as good idea! Should be every person capable of drawing's new years resolution.

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing this (along with the "Finding Your Voice" post). The advice was so simple, it makes me wonder how I lost some of those while I was at school.