Sunday, July 25, 2010

Drawing In Church- 7/25

A pew drawing from this week and two weeks ago... the text coming from one of the hymns we sang, anyone know the title?

Once I'm really done with my current project I'm going pour the gas on the effort to find a publisher for my church sketchbook drawings. We'll see if I can find someone willing to flush some cash down the drain.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jack Pan

A recap with pictures from ICON coming next. But first, a short break from the things of drawing and illustration for this very forlorn Peter Pan. Happy 5th Birthday Jack! I just love this picture. (Andrea made the amazing fairy crown for him...)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

ICON | 6 | LA

The Illustration Conference arrives in Pasadena next week, and I've had the honor of being a part of the board. Planning and organizing the biggest illustration event of the year has been a huge task and we're all eager to get it underway. I will be speaking from the main stage, as part of a panel about the adventures of editorial illustrators moving into children's books, with the illustrious Istavan Banyai, Adam McCauley and Jaime Zollars. I'm doing two lunch-time seminars on the book world vs. the editorial landscape as well.

There is still time to sign up over at the website, of course. I'm looking forward to many of the sessions, including the Future of Publishing Keynote, Todd Oldham, Wayne White, The Roadshow and the opening at Gallery Nucleus of the ICON 6 show "A Labor of Line". The Headless Villain Diptych has been selected to be in the exhibition and will also be for sale.

I'm also very excited about the two sessions I've produced.
Douglas B. Dowd, my esteemed colleague at Wash U, has agreed to do a lecture about the lack of a comprehensive historical framework for illustration titled Illustration on Mars Expedition to an Unseen World — A New Theory on the History of Illustration. Can't wait to see what folks do with this lecture, nothing like it has ever been offered at ICON.

David Saylor, editor/creative director/mega-genius at Scholastic books. Recounting stories and exciting events surrounding some of his most beloved projects like Caldecott Medal Winner, "The Invention of Hugo Cabret," The "Harry Potter" Series, and the hundreds of picture books, his focus will be where it has always been- on the talented artists he works with every day. David Saylor's career in books has become defined by the exceptional and award winning books that come from the unique collaboration of artist and editor.

Of course, things in the studio have been hectic leading up the conference. The Sarah Edmonds book is very very close to done and I'll post a wrap up when I return. Here is one that just came off the drawing board.

Hope to see you out in LA!