Friday, September 07, 2012

Un-Fortune-ate Cover

I had the great chance to do the cover of Fortune Magazine this week.- with a small exception. They killed it for a different version of the art. But, Fortune keeps a blog full of their rejected art. Great stuff that never made the final print.

They hire three illustrators to do final covers and then the editor picks the one that fits the news and attitudes of the piece. This may seem draconian, but there are several high-profile timely newsweeklies that use a similar process.


To visually demonstrate being rich in America, we had great fun taking J.M. Flagg's classic Uncle Sam and crossing him with Gordon Gekko from Wall Street- then crank up the bling.

 Beyond the concept, it was an enjoyable formal challenge to draw jeweled and diamond studded clothing and accessories. I'm going to send this to the Romney campaign and see if they are interested.