Monday, January 09, 2012

WalMart in China

Walmart created a groundbreaking sustainability initiative a few years ago, pledging to work with vendors in China to create more sustainable manufacturing practices worldwide. This article from Mother Jones follows one reporter who went to check in on this program at the actual Chinese factories, and what he found wasn't good, in fact, it was terrible.

The drawing runs across the fold of the opening spread, plus an additional spot on the interior of the article.

Both of my initial ideas were simliar, but portrayed slightly differently. In this case I agreed with the art directors choice for the fuller treatment, reaching across the gutter into the headline. A detail below.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Autopsy Lake

Perfect for a wintery January post, this cover was done for The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association. The only prompt they gave me was to make an image about Autopsies and the secrets a body holds after death. Art Director, Emma Dalby was great- the content was so open ended and they were looking for something expressive, personal and metaphorical.

A few of you asked about my process for creating this idea... so I thought I'd put up some of my rough thumbnails, which show the visual thread of my thinking.

There are very few of these thoughts that come be useful in the final art, but they are not wasted effort. For me, ideas develop not from careful thought, but from the actual process of drawing.

Above, the drawing I sent to the art director for approval of concept. 

Here, final art as it will appear on the magazine itself. 

Here is a shot of the drawing on my desk, in progress... with my color comp and ice reference.