Thursday, June 21, 2012

ICON7 re: Email Videos

My friend and fellow board member, Kyle T. Webster and I had the fun job of coming up with some short interstitial videos for ICON7. Kyle came up with the simple concept of seeing an interaction through an email window between art directors and illustrators. Based on his first test (which made me laugh out loud), I wrote some scripts. We had such a blast putting the final versions together a few days before the conference. In the board room, WE thought they were hilarious. Jaime Zollars thought they we're "ok."  

They are embedded below, but run a bit small, you can see them full size at the ICON YouTube home page. 

The first six ran at the conference (and we have two director's cut bonus episodes that we made but didn't use). Thanks to Kyle for this collaboration. Couldn't have done this alone. 

These two we didn't use during the conference- but we still laughed writing them. The bar was low. Very low. 

We tried to poke fun at BOTH art directors and illustrators. So, please don't end our careers, angry art directors. We'll take that perfect fudge brownie assignment, promise! 


Chris said...

Cousin Ben was my favorite...I was hoping you weren't referencing a certain South City pastor who wanted you to come speak in a coffee shop...for a growler full of beer ;-)

jaime said...

They are funny. There, I said it. I just wasn't convinced that your out-loud laughter to funny ratio was precisely accurate.

bill said...

So great. I wish I could have been at ICON. But I do believe the rabbit needs more work.

John Hendrix said...

Jaime is not living her best life, clearly. These were way funnier in the board room.

John Hendrix said...

Chris- NO, that is not about you.

Hallie Bateman said...