Friday, December 10, 2010

Tall Tale- Denver Edition

Denver's city magazine 5280 called me with a fun project about famous Colorado facts and legends.
The opener was about a man in the 1930's who was officially titled the "State Liar" and paid a $1 salary after winning a tall-tale contest (his involving a cross-eyed wooden legged cat).

Both of my sketches focused on the various visual incarnations of lying...  and sort of liked both equally. Usually a good indication that neither will be chosen. But they went with sketch A and the big goofy cat marionette.

The spots were also Colorado related. There are more medical marijuana shops than Starbucks, Denver has a significantly dominant male population, and the Uber-Macho Buffalo mascot for the University of Colorado 1. Isn't a Buffalo, (a Bison) and 2. He is actually a she- horns and all.


BTillustration said...

Nice. Those look like they were fun.

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