Saturday, November 06, 2010

Designing Ideas - Faculty Show

I had the pleasure of organizing and designing the Washington University Design Faculty Show, which highlights projects from the professional work of the Communication Design and Fashion Design faculty, that we called Designing Ideas.

Though I did the curating and designing of the show, it wouldn't have happened with the tireless work of the gallery director, Brandon Anschultz, who put in countless hours of painting, hanging and reprinting the typographic vinyl for the walls.

The show is up for the month of November at the Des Lee Gallery at 1627 Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis. The show offers a quick navigation of the design field as well as individual projects, all while trying to give the viewer a short education about how to look at such works in context.


Andi said...

The show was amazing. I'm very proud of my rock star husband.

Jenny said...

Hi John,
I was in St. Louis briefly over Thanksgiving and stopped in to see this show. I love the didactic wall text and the way a viewer is led through the work. All of the pieces are independently impressive, but the more interesting thing to me is how this wide range of commercial art really does work together so cohesively. Mad props! Also, Happy Thanksgiving