Sunday, November 23, 2008

Drawing In Church- 11/23

I've been without a sketchbook in the pew for the last few weeks, giving my wrist a break during the current John Brown marathon. But, I cannot resist Trinity Sunday, the last sunday before Advent. How do you visualize the trinity (without falling into the heresy of modalism)? Kurt suggested the idea of water, in its three states; or a lit candle, composed of heat, light and flame. Holy Mystery!


b. luis grey said...

Interesting how you have the pillars rising up from a man's head.

NJ Speks said...


i almost get it now... almost.

John Hendrix said...

grey- ...yep, the idea was the Godhead.

nj- careful for that heresy now.

abbiegrace said...

Your "drawing in church" posts are the main reason why I've added you to my google reader--I love them! I'm a church doodler as well. But I'm a little more talented than you are.

(ha ha ha)

The water example has been helpful to me in answering my children's questions about the trinity. (i.e., what does THAT mean...?)

I'll have to add the flame example to my repertoire. That's a bit better since one cannot exist without the other. (no light without flame, no flame without heat..etc)

Good stuff!

John Hendrix said...

Thanks abby- I have many viewers who politely urge me to bring the drawing pad back to church when its absent, so thanks for tuning in. Advent should be an enjoyable drawing season.

Jenn Jilks said...

There are studies that show that certain people process more information when doodling, as I used to do in church. Something to do with right brain and left brain.

You must be processing volumes while you draw! Beautiful work.

John Hendrix said...

Jenn- its true with me, when I'm drawing I can pay much better attention. I listen to audio books while I'm working and then brag at parties about how many books I'm reading.

Owen Schumacher said...

You could maybe do a tree with three branches. Wait! It's like the U.S. Separation of Powers: The Father's Judicial, the Son's Executive, and the Holy Spirit's Legislative. Three branches, one government.

Or something.