Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wedding Sketchbook

My good friend Jake is married. I got him tupperware and a drawing.


Logan York said...

Very cool life drawing John. What kind of attention do you attract while drawing in church...and at weddings? I'm always so nervous my subjects will catch me and reveal to me that there's some law for 'right to privacy from being drawn from life or otherwise.'

John Hendrix said...

I had quite a crowd for this one, as his whole family was taking shots at his big head. (I did exaggerate it a tad)

I would draw on the subways when we lived in New York. Not the greatest place to be staring at someone. Advice: don't sit directly in front of them.

spiderpig said...

This guy looks like he could be next kingpin in the next daredevil movie. What a stud! great job on the "details". You my hero J.D.