Sunday, October 26, 2008

Holiday Film

Illustration is, technically, not illustration without text. In the case of this assignment, my text consisted of two words: Holiday Film.

The New York Times gave me this problem: Make a picture about a preview of the upcoming movie season that says nothing specifically about any of the films, nor speaks to one particular holiday. I sent them two sketches, and they went with the giant popcorn tub. Though I do love the idea of reindeer at a winter Drive-In. (Look for that on our family christmas card.) The final art... it should be in next Sunday's paper.


Andi said...

i like this image a lot. but, i'm even more excited to know that you'll be designing us a family christmas card this year...

abbiegrace said...

I love your blog. Love your illustrations. Wow.

Great concept for the holiday films picture.