Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guess the concept - Surrogacy

After my cover on autopsies from January, I got another call from the great folks at the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association. They gave me a simple one word prompt for this image. 

Want to take a guess at what this concept is about?

Offer some ideas and, lets see how well I did my job. I'll post the answer and some other images from the process tomorrow. 

The art director gave me the topic of surrogacy, a woman carrying the child of another, usually from infertility. One of the other ideas I had. The lake is shaped like a woman's torso. Could have been a good one. Just noting I use a lot of lakes in my drawings. 

Also, I realize I spoiled my game because I named the final art "infertility.jpg" 

The image as it appears on the cover. 


Sam said...

I'm guessing post-partum depression or alcoholism

ERO said...

alcoholism and post-partum depression

Jessi said...

really? I thought of infertility or fertility treatment.

Leslie Duke said...

My first thought was infertility or fertility treatment as well.

Jeneveve said...

I was thinking the situation where women lose babies through excessive drinking - is there a name for that?

John Hendrix said...

Great guesses. Much better than the actual answer, I think. Just posted it.