Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rolling Stone Trivia Issue

Rolling Stone asked me to illustrate their entire Rock Trivia issue. It was a huge commission, six images, 28 portraits covering 60 years of music. One image for each decade of Rock and Roll.  Two weeks for final art! Many thanks to Joe Hutchinson for the amazing gig. I have practically the entire issue to myself. The issue isn't out for a few weeks, but, I'll post some images of the full spreads when I get them from the magazine. 

I drew in different colored pens to add some graphic edge to these images, since the concepts for the images were less important than the drawings. 

Here are the image by decade: 1950s







Jim said...

And where the hell is Bowie???

Nice work otherwise.

John Hendrix said...

Hah. Yeah, I didn't get to pick the artists in each decade... otherwise the 90's would have been full of R.E.M. Weezer and SonVolt.

Melanie said...

Awesome! You are the coolest!