Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jack draws Star Wars

SO, I'm not wired to be very a emotional dude, yet when I tell you that these Star Wars drawings Jack did made me teary, you may think I'm being rhetorical or just plain ridiculous. He made these on his own and shared them with me tonight.

To have my 6 year old connect with these stories that meant so much to me as a child is really meaningful to me. Say what you want about the Star Wars legacy or dismiss the real value of the products of our stupid culture, BUT you can't change what these movies were to me: a doorway to a love of drawing and visual storytelling. Sharing that with him is SO valuable to me... and I'm probably dooming him to a life of nerd-dom. I'd want nothing more.

Now, we worked together on the Empire Strikes Back image... a fun collaboration. He is a very clear art director :"DAD! LUKE DIDN'T GET THE X-WING THAT FAR OUT OF THE WATER!!!"

He hasn't seen these movies all that often, in fact, he probably last watched Return of the Jedi about three months ago. Check out the great visual memory of the skiff scene, below. I love that kid!

Jabba the Hutt is my favorite part!


Andi said...

I feel the need to translate the writing:
"Jedi Luke is trapped. But, Jabba the Huttlet dies."

I love that he is so much like you, nerd & all.

Logan Pearsall said...

I love the fact that he shows (with arrows) the path of the light saber as R2 shoots it out to Luke.

This kid is awesome!