Sunday, July 31, 2011

Canary and Coal

My advertising reps,  Bernstein &Andriulli,  asked me to contribute to a new promotional directory which pairs images and famous quotations. This is a self directed drawing I did that will be appearing alongside the Tom Brunner quotation "Inspiration can come from anywhere, and usually when you least expect it."

Anytime you are working primarily as your own art director, it is tempting to be rather indulgent. My first sketched was an attempt to get a larger narrative to work with this drawing, but I found it ultimately distracting.

Final Sketch

Drawing in Progress. 

Final drawing without color. 

Color study/ Value study. 
Since the values of the ink were so rich, I used a very monotone/limited palate for the colors. I wanted the focus to be on the lighting effect and not the individual hues. 

If you'd like to know more about these two characters, stay tuned for an upcoming picture book about them! 

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Sam said...

love the story mileage you get out of a single image here.