Friday, March 04, 2011

Today in the Sketchbook

Studio update: I've been working away on my Charles Dickens book the last four weeks, and I'll post some of these images eventually, but I'd like to keep them close to the vest for now. A recent sketchbook page...  drawing on location always serves as a reminder of what I love most about creating images.


BirdandKey said...

Incredible as you sweat at ALL when you do these things John Hendrix?


Melissa said...

Beautiful work!

I found your blog by googling "what kind of pen does Barry Blitt use?"

Now I'm wondering: What kind of pen do you use? A rapidograph? or a regular dip in ink well pen?

John Hendrix said...

Hi Melissa

I draw with a bunch of different things, but I do use rapidographs, microns and dip pens of various kinds.


Melissa said...

Cool -- thanks for the information. I am always curious about other artists' tools and methods. For a new project, I've been using more line work, which I haven't done for awhile (I usually just paint).
Thanks again,