Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Book Signing

The drawing on my next book continues- steadily plowing through fields of chimney soot, icy winds and hungry rats of 1820's London. In the current radio silence, enjoy a few blurry pictures from my book signing last week. Mobile phone cameras are the new polaroids. A warm thanks to all the kids from CCS school who came out to the signing!

My son, Jack, (in orange stripes and panting) wasn't excited at all. 

I showed the process work for the cover image, version A sketches on the right and the revision ideas on the left. Many folks are astonished at the amount of 'behind-the-scenes' drawing that takes place in a project like this. 

Kids books can only be seen one spread at a time. So I always find it neat to view a book like this, where you can see the whole thing at once. 

Jack really wanted to sign each book with me. I compromised by letting him scream continuously. 


BirdandKey said...

In the first picture I am trying to figure out which are the children and which is the adult?

Andi said...

These pictures are hilarious. Jack did scream all night. Love that kid. Love you. The book is beautiful.