Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just Enough Jeeves

W.W. Norton & Company are re-issuing the classic British early 20th Century novels about "Jeeves" - the uppity valet. (He is NOT a butler. Butlers manage the household, Valets manage the man!) This collection of several stories, called Just Enough Jeeves is the first in the series.

I liked both of the final sketches I sent, above. they picked the one with many different Jeeves, a challenge once I got past number 15, but really enjoyable to draw. The full cover including spine and back cover below.


Louise Smythe said...

looks great! i can see a subtle difference in the final compared to the one you showed us a few weeks ago. yay, john!

DB Dowd said...

Enough about Jeeves. Sweet new format! Looks great!

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