Sunday, October 11, 2009

American Illustration 28

Over the summer, I was given the extreme honor of working with Matthew Lenning on the art for this years American Illustration annual, number 28. Truly, I've never had a project that produced as much emotional anxiety as this did over the three months we worked on it together. I would often wake up in the middle of the night with new ideas, forced to go to the studio and get them down before I could sleep again. A few shots of the final book, from the vendor.

I've made a long and detailed post on the process over at my corner of the illustration blog Drawger. Head over there for much more on how this came together.


László Huszár said...

Fantastic work!

Wilson Swain said...

Beautiful! But I'm slightly disappointed you didn't kill a dog too. Don't illustrators generally take a hostage down with them?

Ricardo said...

ridiculously cool!