Thursday, January 15, 2009

Small Joys

Being a person who draws all the time, every single day, I can assume that I've drawn just about everything. Illustration may often be a kind of blue-collar art job on some days (art director have hole in layout, him need art to fill extra space so words look pretty) but it also has its small joys. Like today, I finished a spot for Money Magazine about making sure your will is in order. During my brainstorming, I realized I have no idea how to draw a hearse from my head. I had never drawn a hearse in my life. Even after my Ghostbusters Phase (between 10 and 14 years old when I watched the movie once a week)! Well, that visual library gap has been filled.

It ain't winning any awards, but I really loved drawing that hearse.


cagedwisdom said...

Where do they keep the proton packs? I longed for most of my childhood to dress up as a Ghostbuster for Halloween but never had the budget to do it.

Paul Hoppe said...

Hey John! Nice one!
Always love when you use that white space so effectively.

Maybe you'll get an award from Ghostbusters Fanclub Ltd.

Matthew Smith said...

i feel for ya! Gotta find the good in everything!

Sally Lloyd-Jones said...

Love it!
(and speaking of awards, big fat congratulations on being a finalist for your fabulous ABE book! I'm so impressed!)

John Hendrix said...

Thanks sally! There was some caldecott buzz this year... it was fun to watch the YM Awards with real anticipation! Maybe next year.

annerenee said...

love the mobile ~ ingenious concept too for the subject ~ maybe you could do a series on Detroit car history someday ~ I see a limited edition poster now!