Monday, March 03, 2008

IAM Conference Sketchbook

A selection of pages from last weekend. I attended the IAM Conference in New York, where there is much to learn and plenty to draw. Take a gander- I burnt up a full set of microns.


Thomas Fluharty said...

Hi John. I've been a fan of your work for quite sometime. Congrats on all your recognition its cool to know that you are a fellow believer. David Apatoff just mentioned you to me a few weeks ago( that you were also a believer) and then someone today had mentioned they met you at IAM. so i figured Id let you know im encouraged by seeing God at work in you John. God bless you.Tom Fluharty~T

John Hendrix said...

Hi Thomas
Thanks for the kind words... we've met a few times at the SI shows, yes? I love your drawings. You should go to the IAM conference next year- its a great time. Lots of time to draw too!

Courtney Vaughan said...

Beautiful Illustrations! Once again, I am astounded.

Courtney Vaughan
P.S. your fan club at Winthrop is growing by the minute.

John Hendrix said...

Thanks courtney

What should the JHFC charge for yearly dues? I'll leave you in charge of that, then let me know- invoices will be going out monday.