Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Concept Pictionary

Lets play a game.
Can anyone suss out the meaning of this illustration? Now, it was done for a rather theology heavy article appearing in the June issue of Christianity Today- so the metaphor is a bit abstract. Pithy visuals for spiritual concepts aren't exactly dime-a-dozen. (Thus the need Jesus saw for his parables. As I stated once before, he would make a great illustrator. And clearly he had a penchant for mark-making: see John, Ch. 8. Or this rare photo... Attentive church go-ers may get a slight advantage on this one.


Ammon said...

Triquetras for $300 Alex...

This is still a guess but I think that the illustration has to do with the trinity in every day life or shooting for the trinity.

Anywho, well done illustration with or without my bad guesses.

cagedwisdom said...

This is clearly a reference to Payne Stewart and his now understanding of the complexities of the Godhead since he now rest on high. The knickers where a dead giveaway. And CLEARLY the putter shows that you must be a putzz to think you can sink a shot in the sand to try and make it a trinitarian hole in one.

Also, this is a pretty picture.

John Hendrix said...

So, kevin- great guess... but totally wrong.

The book is about the atonement. The author contents that we need multiple definitions of how the atonement works to fit different situations in our lives. Like, you could putt with a 3 wood, but a putter would be better. Dead-right on the symbol for the trinity though.

Melissa Kojima said...

Ha, ha. I have no idea. I like everyone's guesses. In this case, it seems a picture could be worth a 1000 words.