Monday, May 07, 2007

Calamity Discussion

David Apatoff, blogger behind Illustration Art, has posted a nice conversation about my Calamity drawing that ran in American Illustration 25. Go check it out and post something really profound. (Second in the LINKS section to the right)


logan said...

Nice! That's a great survey of your drawing. I think the Brueghel comparison is appropriate. This piece always reminds me of Durer as well, specifically some of his woodcuts: dense, humorous, and meticulously executed.

What sort of artists have you been looking at recently?

John Hendrix said...

I was just in NYC and saw that Stella show, "Painting into Architecture" which was fascinating. But, while I was there I really was taken by the new Hellenistic Wing. As for drawing drawings, I am reading the BRILLIANT picture novel "The adventures of Hugo Cabret" by David Selznick.