Wednesday, December 19, 2012

War Deck

I found this great War deck in some things I had collected from my grandmother's farm house, and played a game with my son the other day. This is the very deck I spent hours playing with as a child, and really was struck by how great the illustrations are. Great colors and weird choices made all around. They are of a certain era to be sure, but I think they are really great.

Anyone recognize the illustrator?


Beth said...

Wonderful cards. These remind me of the images I saw as a child in magazine ads and television animation. What a treasure. And thank you for the January 3rd post, it was a great thing to read while coming out of my own artistic identity crisis:)

Kyle T. Webster said...

Not sure, but I would venture a guess that the artist was English.

Z-Kids said...

Had these - loved these!
- AZ

scott grin said...

great and well set drawing. best of luck for the coming work
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