Friday, January 07, 2011

Sarah Edmonds Preview Copy

Got an exciting package in the mail yesterday, my very first copy of Nurse, Soldier, Spy! It is such a wonderful moment to see a years worth of work turn into a real live book. Of course, I'm wracked with anxiety over certain choices I made that seem silly when the book is seen all together, but over all I think it looks great. The cover is coated with a spot varnish, which doesn't translate in photos, but is very striking in person. So, the moral is, order your copy now!

On this note, two of these images will be seen in the Society of Illustrators 53rd Annual Book & Editorial Show, highlighting the best work over the last year in these categories. Both the cover and the spread below of Sarah being teased as "Our Little Woman" will be on display. The opening is February 4th, 6pm, at the American Museum of Illustration at Society of Illustrators in New York.

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Andi said...

It's a beautiful, beautiful book! I'm so proud of you!