Monday, November 22, 2010

Post It Show 2010

Mark Todd kindly invited me to be a part of his epic Post-It show this year. The show is at Giant Robot in LA, Opening on December 11th. I always love doing this show! You can buy all the 3x3 post-its for only $20 each.

I know some artists submit dozens of these every year... but I've got 12. Enjoy.


Andi said...

You might need to replicate the Expecto Patronum for Jack (aka, Potter).

I also love the River of Love one. Reminds me of the bloodbath of our marriage. haha. :)

John Hendrix said...

There are no hidden messages in these, DEAR! Most of them are in reference to June Carter Cash songs. And Harry Potter. And snowmen.

BirdandKey said...

..and explosions?


John Hendrix said...

There are NO explosions on these.

BirdandKey said... explosions?

Logan said...

These turned out great, John -- they really show off the range of character and tone in your work.

cagedwisdom said...

Looks like Pac Man had a say in a few of these post its.