Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Land of BCS

The college football season draws near, and this year there is some actual thought that perennial underdog Boise State just might be able to win a national title. This drawing is for the College Football Preview in Sunday's sports section of The New York Times.

Who is that in the basket? It's the TCU horned frog, another one of a sportswriter's favorite outliers with a real change of going all the way. This is one of the rare occasions when the very first sketch I did was the one I couldn't get away from. The chance to do an OZ homage was too alluring for my steel-trap brain to forget. I don't have an image of it in the page design, but I'll post it when I can.

In regards to my last mascot drawing, you can be praying that no earth-shattering college football news happens before Saturday.


Tirzah said...

i take offense that a Buckeye is in the role of a wicked witch.

cagedwisdom said...

We have our official house copy. Meshuggah was also very proud of you. I told them to put it on the refrigerator.