Thursday, April 08, 2010

American Illustration 29 - Selected

Good news from American Illustration yesterday, I got three images into the new annual, which will come out at the launch party this November. It is also exciting because they selected three images that didn't get into any other shows- so I'm excited that these drawings will have a bit of life beyond their original publication. An unusual year of annuals, with very little overlap between the images selected by the juries of the major shows. The winners:

The Headless Horse/Man- An uncommissioned drawing I created for Dan Zettwoch's Villains Show last fall.

Uncharted 2- Entertainment Weekly called me to create an image about "Uncharted 2," the top video game selected for the year end "Best of 2009" Issue. The main character Drake is a kind of Jason Bourne meets Indiana Jones: a fearless treasure-hunting tough guy with the aerial dexterity of a stunt double. As a conceptual image-maker, it really offered me a great chance to have some fun with the conventions of first-person shooter gaming.

Coloring New Orleans - The cover for United Airlines Hemispheres magazine about the new New Orleans.


Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli said...

These are great - I really love the last one. It's a good concept and I really like the balance between the finished and unfinished areas.

Chi-Wen said...


bill said...

Congrats. No one more deserving.