Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Making Yuko jealous...

A great project landed on my desk a few weeks back, the cover for the United Airlines in-flight magazine Hemispheres. Most artist are aware of United Airlines' incredible visual identity and advertising over the past few years. It is wonderful to work for a company who decided that a humungous panda in the ocean was a great way to tell a story about visiting San Diego.

Travel pieces are tough in an editorial context because many times the article has much more to do with a vibe and less of a clear conceptual thesis. So, all of my ideas were focused around the beach and surf culture of souther california.


Kyle T. Webster said...

A dream job. I've held off on contacting the A.D. there for fear of rejection, but I have always, always wanted to do one of their covers. Jillian, John... Well, 'K' is next in the alphabet. Can I hope???

Enough of my whining - this image is awesome. So glad they kept the pink water, too.

Eddy said...

hi John,
i love your illustrations.
I particular enjoy seeing your rough sketches and thumbnails. Just wondered if have done a detailed post on your work process. Do you use the computer at any stage? your final pieces look like watercolour or inks on paper. is that correct?

Louise Smythe said...

these are cool - i remember you talking about them in class a while back i think. something about surfing pandas haha.

Killeens East said...

Hey John,
I enjoyed gazing at this cover while on a flight recently. I'm shamelessly copying your waves for a mural I'm working on.
Thanks for the waves