Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Twitter Malaise

I got my first chance to work with the new Op-Ed page art director Leanne Shapton on a piece for my old stomping grounds, The New York Times Letters to the Editors page. This was for a package on how twitter may simultaneously connect and isolate us. My rough ideas:

For this, I decided not to do a final sketch- I drew the figures directly into my sketchbook, hoping for something that felt a bit more gestural. After doodling for an hour I picked the best ones and configured them in photoshop.


Anonymous said...

The real question is:
When does the world famous John Hendrix further succumb to his itch for web 2.0 and start scratching 140 characters at a time?

John Hendrix said...

I'm typing this from my iphone right now. in the bathroom. on an airplane.

Kyle T. Webster said...

Hi, John - great work, as always, and what a fun way to work (the sketchbook process). I'd love to see a really crowded page with 100 of those little people...

I met Leann and Kim on Thursday. So friendly.

Nicholas gave me a Book Review assignment right after I met him and the pressure nearly crushed me. I hope I didn't suck (sent the final tonight)...

Wish I could have seen you in NYC at Society - will you go in Nov. to AI?


John Hendrix said...

Hi Kyle

yes, I'll be at AI this november- assuming that we don't have another baby three weeks before.

Looking forward to seeing that book review work!

abbiegrace said...

"simultaneously connect us and isolate us."

That really came across in the illustration.