Monday, August 11, 2008

Drawing In Church- 8/10

My former muse, pastor Michael Gordon, who has left the midwest for the deep south, returned to St. Louis for a wedding and preached for ol' times sake. As usual, he didn't disappoint. Also, starting a new sketchbook. I'm not sold on the horizontal format just yet, and the paper is a bit different. I'll give it another week or two.


Tim Baron said...

So, do you take your sketchbook IN to church and draw during the sermon to internalize stuff, and help you to remember?

My church drawings are usually lousy, not sure why.

John Hendrix said...

Yeah, I carry it with me and draw in the pew. They aren't specifically done for me to remember, but it certainly has that result. I really just can't help drawing, and it helps me focus.

Tim Baron said...

Very cool. You go to a church with pews, eh?

peter said...

Dear John and Tim,
It's something like that with me too.
I started drawing in church in about 1984 simply because I found it helped me to focus. My drawings though, are not about the sermon though I guess that could simply be an printmakers response set alongside an illustrators.
Keep up the great work John - I still enjoy looking in on your ongoing work from time to time.