Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday Op-Ed- In Color!

As most of you know, The New York Times Op-Ed page is close to my heart. I still love getting the call from them. But, best case for every illustrator is when we get to draw AND design the page. The Op-Ed page has a great history of illustrator/art director collaboration. For this article on streetsweepers, I proposed the idea of putting a grey tone behind the entire page, with the sweeper pushing the text around, and scrubbing the page back to 'bright' grey. Once again, many thanks to Brian Rea for one more time round the block. His name is up there on the list of greats at the NY Times.

Nice post about the drawing here.


Lauren Castillo said...

This is a fantastic piece, John--love the layout! Was great to finally meet you last weekend at ICON!

John Hendrix said...

Thanks lauren, see you at AI 27.

Anonymous said...