Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Light Children

Kyle T. Webster, illustrator of the graphic novel Light Children, asked me to participate in a promotion for the release of the book. This is a drawing of Bruno, one of the protagonists.


marko said...

Hi john, love the work - can I ask what you use for line work ? is it pencil or pen? and do you use watercolour or goache for colour? (couldn't find any posts on what you use )
all the best,

John Hendrix said...

Thanks marko
I use a lot of different stuff- for lines: Micron pens, Rapidographs and sometimes nibs. I use Japanese nibs- found them at New York Central art supply.
As for color, mostly fluid acrylics. I will also spot with gouache here and there.

Kyle T. Webster said...

John, thanks for posting your Light Children drawing. It is our favorite of the bunch, thus far. We love it. We will get you a signed copy of the book - it is going to print in a few days. I still need to finish the art on the cover!


John Hendrix said...

Thanks man. Don't tell the other artists to read my blog. Nice piece in the NYT today.

logan said...

Love this drawing John; you really know how to make something your own.