Monday, December 31, 2007

Drawing In Church - 12/30

I need Kurt to preach a bit longer. I'd like to add a herd of riderless 5-legged camels coming up the mountain.


Andi said...


Peter said...

I got to you via a link on Native Tourist.
Someone else who draws in church.
I started in 1984 when I had to do something to help me focus on hour long sermons. Drawing filled that gap. I have 3 rules.
1. stop if you distract someone else
2. if you get more interested in the drawing than the sermon. stop
3. try and finish at the same time the sermon ends. tricky
well 4 rules
4. let the preacher know what you are doing in case he thinks you are really studious.
I must now have the largest collection of drawings of non-conformist flower arrangements ever. Over 200 drawings.
I am not alone
kindest regards
Peter S Smith

John Hendrix said...

Glad you found the site. Nice for Dave to link to me.

If I went by those rules I don't think I'd ever be able to finish a drawing in church. Not so much 1, but epecially 2. I find that I listen much better when my hand is moving, but also there is a kind of gestalt that happens when drawing while listening. That is the product is more than the sum of its parts. I like that my focus wanders from page to pulpit and back again.

Peter said...

Thanks for the reply.
You are of course right - the wandering from the pulpit and back to the drawing etc. is part of it.
It is strange though how the moving hand helps the listening ear and the understanding heart.
Now I know your blog it will be great to keep track of your wonderful drawing. If you want to track down some of my stuff I am afraid I am not organised or pixilated enough tp get a website up and going (but want to). However - there is a book on - just follow Peter S Smith name.
All strength to your elbow

John Hendrix said...

Thanks Peter, we may have even met at the IAM conference last year. Going this year?

Peter said...

Dear John
No sadly not. I would like to have gone to hear Begbie and David H but New York is a long way from Richmond UK.
Still - now is the time to plan for the next one I guess - and it seems I am getting to know more folk who go.