Sunday, August 12, 2007

Drawing In Church - 8/12

I would like to clarify that the 'drawing' referenced in the recurring title 'Drawing in Church' is only done during the preaching, and not, say, during the hymn singing, etc. As mentioned in the compelling and clever blog Graphic Tales, the impression might be that I am curled up under the pew as onlooking parishioners marvel at my ghastly rudeness. That scenario happens only periodically.


DB Dowd said...

John, I think that worship surveillance will be required to establish the facts... How gracious of you to link to Graphic Tales--thanks! I think that type drawing should be required viewing for a pictorial type workshop with the illustrators. Really great.

John Hendrix said...

thanks douglas- I'm looking forward to that illustrated type workshop this fall.

I'll get the CCTV feed from the sactuary to you later.