Monday, July 09, 2007

Another Abe & Austin Preview

A look into a few spreads of the final art for the picture book about Abe Lincoln I've been working on since April.


julia said...

great hand-drawn type!
there's a whole studio full of hand-lettering artists here at ag. they spend every hour of every day writing "For My Beautiful Girlfriend" and "Wishing you a World of Happiness at Easter." i know you want to be one of them.

smeller said...

those trees are freaking beautiful.

Tirzah said...

Speaking of lettering. Borders just sent me their coupons snd there is one for Crowded House cd I coudnt see it up close but it looked like your work. I am right? or in a stange delusional state?

John Hendrix said...

I didn't do the crowded house lettering. I'll have to look it up.